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The Basics

  • You can update your profile information here. Remember to choose whether to display your e-mail and personal info using the options at the Preferences section.
  • You cannot change your name or country after you have registered. If you have registered not using your real name, or wish to change your country you will need to contact one of the game admins.

Profile Picture/Photo

  • All managers can upload a picture for their profile, which will appear alongside their forum posts and as main picture at their profile page.
  • The main profile photo must be your picture, must include you and clearly show your face in it, and should not be animated.
  • Supporters can also upload an alternate 'Alter-Ego' image, which can be more or less anything. This is the default image for use in the 'Silly Games' Forum, and can be seen at all other times if the primary image is 'hovered' over by the mouse cursor. No animated images policy also applies here.
  • Neither image should be of offensive, political or religious nature

Preferred Rookie Group

  • If you are going to compete at Rookie next season, you can set your rookie group preference at the reset or delete account tab under update profile.

Custom Helmets

  • You can customise a helmet using the main page option My helmets and personalization. This will show on both your profile and race screen during races. Be aware that helmets outside the Free area and re-paints have a cost, so be sure you have checked those before proceeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

My name is wrong but it won’t change when I update it in my profile. Why?

Once your account has been approved changing your name won't have any effect on your in game name, and the same with changing your country. It is recommended to use only your first and last name (no middle names) although this is not a requirement. However accounts with fake names will not be approved by the administrator. Both Name & Country can be changed (corrected) by request to the game admins.

I can’t upload my picture, is it a bug?

If you try to upload a picture that is bigger than 30KB then you will get an error. You need to resize your picture. If you are unsure how to resize your picture feel free to contact member of the Graphics Crew Florencia Caro for help.

How long will my picture take to be authorised

Your profile picture will be authorised as soon as a member of the Graphics Crew is available to review it and either accept or reject it. This may be anything from a few minutes to a few hours, or in extreme examples a couple of days.

How can I get my Account Reset?

There is no real point in having your whole account reset, as in rookie at the end of the season everything gets reset anyway. If you are totally desperate to reset now, then if you are very new to the game, not racing for a few races will get your account 'suspended' and then you could re-apply again, however by doing this you lose out on collecting data and experimenting. Better to just fight your way through the 'pain' and gather some data, than just start over and miss out. In he ultimate case these reasons are not good enough and you are under 17 races old, being between race 3 and 14 in the current season, you can do a soft reset here, under Reset or Delete Account tab.

How can I get my Account Permanently Deleted?

This option is only available to EU Citizens after providing hard proof of their citizenship. For more info please contact an admin.