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Vladimir Alexandrov - GPRO President

El Presidenté

Vlad ( Born José Reyés the 3rd) was a Mexican motorway architect, who moved to Bulgaria, then Sweden to start a new life under the witness protection program. Posing as "Vladimir Alexandrov", he is now the President of GPRO and pretends to know how to code online management games, when in reality this is all a façade, with the hard work actually being performed by Stefan, Cris, and an army of typing monkeys.

Vlad's Profile

Stefan Voggenreither - Vice President

El Vice Presidenté

Stef (born as Stephen Vogon) was born in England in 1687. He travelled the country and heard many tales of wonders overseas, including a story of an immortality potion. He found work on many boats, both civilian, military and pirate, crossing the world, before finally finding his prize in an Incan Pyramid in what is now Mexico. Since that time he has lived under many names and had many professions, and with all that time he has learnt many skills, although Kart Driving is one he is yet to Master to his liking. He hopes to be able to use this name for a few more years before he will move again to avoid detection.

Stef's Profile

Cristian Iorga - Administrator Extraordinaire

El Administratoré

An ex-porn star who goes by the true name of Ron Jeremy, actor in almost 1200 movies, but now retired and his only job besides GPRO is being a model for the dildo making industry.

If you wish to see any of these movies, we recommend you contact Vlad, as he has them all due to being an avid collector...

Cris' Profile

Chris Williams - Administrator of Providing Hot Drinks

Coffee Please!

Some content will go here soon...

Chris' Profile