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The Testing Page

The Basics

  • Testing will cost you $1mill, will earn you "Testing Points", will wear your car parts and may affect your driver's skills.
  • You can perform up to 100 laps of testing before each race, but can do only a maximum of 10 stints to complete those laps.
  • You can only test if all of your car parts have wear of 90% or less. As soon as any part has more than 90% wear you will not be able to test again, although your current stint will be completed first (so it is possible to end with well over 90% wear). You will be able to complete your testing session if you can get all of your parts back below 90% again.
  • The "Setup Tuning" priority is the only option which your driver provide feedback about how the car is setup in a similar way to your practice laps.
  • Each season has a single dedicated test track, giving you a stable(ish) platform to try out your different theories.

Testing Priorities

There are 9 different priorities that can be used when testing:

  • No Special Priority
  • Top Speed
  • Cornering
  • Hairpins
  • Braking
  • Overtaking
  • Chicanes
  • Test Car Limits
  • Setup Tuning

Each priority will earn you differing amounts of testing points in Power, Acceleration and Handling. Over the course of three races, these testing points will eventually be converted into "Car Character Points" (Power / Handling / Acceleration) which will increase the performance of your car.

The more laps you do within each of these priorities, the more testing points you will gain. The conversion rates of these points depend upon a few factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do testing?

You don’t have to but it is a good way to learn about the game, also testing brings improvements to your car and staff.

Does the test track ever change?

Usually a new test track is selected at the start of the season, and then the track is used for the whole season.

How does testing improve the car?

You will notice there are different types of testing, each works on a certain characteristic of the car – Power, Handling or Acceleration, others work on all characteristics. The laps of testing you carry out generate Test points. After the race these are converted to the next stage (R&D), then after another race engineering points and finally to Character points which are added to the cars existing PHA values. Note that Testing does wear the car.

It won’t let me test, is this a bug?

If you are in debt you cannot test, also if any part of the car is over 90% worn the game will not allow you to test, you will need to update your car first.

How do I work out how much fuel I used in a test stint?

Before you did the stint you said the fuel level you wanted in the car, after the stint the fuel amount left is shown along with tyre wear and lap times.

Why doesn’t my driver give me feedback in testing?

The only time a driver will provide feedback in testing is when you select the testing type as setup tuning.