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Car Character Points

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The Basics

CCP Table and Car Levels

Car Character Points (CCPs) relate to the Power, Handling and Acceleration values of your car, and can be viewed on the Update Car Page. These combine to display your car "level" which can be viewed on your Money and Car Level page.

The balance of these values also define your "Car Type", which is displayed down the right of the same page by one of the following letters:

  • B - Balanced
  • P - Power biased
  • H - Handling biased
  • A - Acceleration biased

How to change your CCPs

There are two separate ways to influence your CCPs:

  1. Car Parts - Higher level parts will increase your CCPs, and lower level parts will decrease them. Different parts will also change your CCP values in different ways (some might be power biased - others handling or acceleration). It's up to you to keep track of which parts affect which CCPs in what way.

  2. The Test Points Conversion Table
    Testing - By performing testing sessions, you will accumulate "Test Points". Over the next 3 races, these will convert from "Test Points" into "R&D Points", then "Engineering Points", before finally becoming "Car Character Points" and being added to your car values. The conversion from Test Points into CCPs depends on a number of factors which you will have to investigate.

Please Note: Your car will perform better if the car character suits the track characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do P, H and A stand for?

These are the Power, Handling and Acceleration attributes of the car according to the part levels you have and any test points you have gained.

What do the letters P, A, H and B mean next to car type in the Money account balances and car levels screen?

This is the overall character of the car, P is Power, A is Acceleration, H is Handling and B is Balanced

Does P, H and A matter?

Look at the track statistics, for example, a car with an overall character of Power will go faster at a track which favours Power.