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It is possible to allow another manager to look after your account whilst you are unable to do so, or alternatively you can also use another GPRO manager's computer to manage your account for short periods of time if required, such as:

  • Holidays / Vacations
  • Moving house
  • Losing Internet connection for any reason
  • Using a friend's PC
  • PC repairs
  • Etc...

There are some strict rules in place regarding holiday cover, and these should be reviewed before asking someone to look after your account or managing your account from another player's PC.

Holiday Cover Rules

  • Each holiday you take may not be longer than 25 days
  • A manager cannot take care of more then one account at the same time, therefore will not be able to accept your invitation if he already takes care of the account of another manager in your holiday interval.
  • Usage of this system is completely on your own risk. If you don't trust the manager, don't invite him to manage your account.
  • After the invited manager has accepted your request to take over your account, he will have access to a link which he can use to login into your account.
  • Any exceeding of the set holiday periods is in violation with the Game Rules and may be punished with cancellation of all the accounts involved.
  • Abusing the holiday system by any means may be punished with cancellation of all the accounts involved. Example: taking too many holidays or two consecutive long holidays will be considered abuse.
  • For any questions, please contact Mr Shadow.