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The Race Screen

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You can choose to watch the race 'live' (Tuesdays and Fridays, 20:00 CET) or to watch a replay later at your convenience.

Live Race

The Race Screen
  • You can watch the race 'live' here.
  • The screen will update for each lap every two minutes (regardless of how long the actual lap takes). *Here you can see (providing you are logged in) how your Fuel & Tyres are doing. These are no more than estimates, with the amount remaining being rounded down to the next 3%. So when it says you have 24% of tyre wear remaining, it means anywhere from 24 to 26.99%.
  • If you are a supporter you will also have a race commentary.

Light Race Screen

  • If you do not want to see the full graphics of the race, but just want to keep track of positions and lap times you can do so by watching the light race screen.

Race Replay

  • If you are unable to watch the race live, or just want to go through the race laps quickly you can watch the race replay.
  • Here you can specify which lap to go and see, or scroll through the laps one at a time at your own pace.
  • Race commentary is here for all to see.

GPRO Race Screen Anomalies

When watching the race, your car will always update to include each lap the leader completes. This can cause confusion if you have been smoking for a long period, and your race position actually shows you to be a number of laps behind.

Even though during the race it may appear that you dropped out after completing 48 of 50 laps, if you were actually 5 laps behind, then this is deducted from your lap count after the race - meaning you only actually completed 43 of 50 laps - and therefore did not reach 90% distance.

This is an "anomaly" (or "feature") recognised by the GPRO admins, and have it on their to-do list to fix for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I watch the live race it doesn’t automatically update the page. Is this a bug?

No, it’s not a bug. This can happen when using Internet Explorer. To fix this problem you need to change some settings in Internet Explorer. From the Tools menu select Internet Options. Under the General tab in the Temporary Internet Files section there is a button Settings, select this then set the “check for newer versions of stored pages” to “Every visit to the page”.

When can I watch the race?

The race can be seen live on Tuesdays and Fridays from 20:00 CET. 15 minutes before the race starts, a button linking you to the Live Race will appear on the main office page on the place of the counter to the next race.

In the Live Race screen / Race Replay there is a number next to the Yellow Bar - Fuel Left that says something like ~24% what does this represent?

This is an approximate value for what fuel is left in the car, this is decreased by a value of 3 on each change. Therefore your fuel left would be between 24% and 27%.

Why cant I change my strategy during the live race?

Not everyone can be online whilst the race is running, and it would cause too much of an advantage to those watching the race if strategy could be updated live. As this is a global game we must allow for everyone to have the same chances when it comes to strategy. Also the live race is in effect a replay as the race itself is calculated in the time between the qualification ending and the 'live' race starting.

My Fuel & tyres are both fine, why did I just pit?

It is most likely a technical problem either car part wear related or random. You will get details after the race in the Race Analysis screen.