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Technical Problems

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Technical Problems can be broadly drawn into the following two categories:

Part Wear Problems

  • These occur when your car part has worn to such an extent that the car part fails. This will result in your car 'smoking' and this in turn can lead to you not finishing the race.
  • A car part does not have to be 90% worn for it to fail, it is entirely possible for a brand new 0% part to fail, but as the wear increases, so does the likelihood of part failure.

Random Problems

Random technical problems can occur at any time, even if your car is brand new and if you have the best driver.

  • Start accidents are not random, they are directly related to the risks your driver is taking, his skills to handle the start of the race, and risks of those close to you on the grid.
  • A Puncture can happen at any time, sometimes you will be able to make it back to the pits, other times you will retire from the race. There is nothing you can do to prevent a puncture and it is not related to tyre wear.
  • There are other random problems which again, are completely random and you can do nothing to avoid them. They include:
    • Loose Wheel Nut needing to be tightened
    • One of the tyres got a very bad blister and had to be changed
    • And many more...

PLEASE NOTE: Randoms are not caused by admins or mods picking out on managers. Do not write to the admins messages related to your technical problems, if you absolutely need to vent your feelings, use the forums instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Fuel & tyres are both fine, why did I just pit?

It is most likely a technical problem either car part wear related or random. You will get details after the race in the Race Analysis screen.