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The Basics

  • The dry tyres you select in Qualify 1 are the only dry tyres you will be able to use during Qualify 2 and the race.
  • You should select the tyres you think will give you the best strategy before proceeding with Qualify 1.
  • Remember that tyres wear in the race, and when they get worn you will slow down.

Select your tyres wisely!!!

Tyre Compounds

The four compounds you can select are as follows:

  • Extra Soft - Very high level of grip, but will wear very quickly.
  • Soft - Good level of grip, that wears quite quickly.
  • Medium - Medium level of grip, that wears at an average level.
  • Hard - Lowest level of grip, but wears very slowly.
  • Rain - It wears faster than any other compound, but will provide superior performance during the rain.

The wear of each compound can vary from race to race, and are dependent on a number of factors you will have to investigate (e.g. Track "Tyre Wear" level, Temperature, etc, etc...)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tyres shall I use for the next race?

This depends on a number of factors, and is a decision that you will have to make yourself from analysing your past data.