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Technical Director

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The Basics

The technical director is an important part of the setup of your team. Again, they have an “overall” attribute which gives a general idea of their ability. The R&D skills affect the setup of your car, but obviously they all have different effects on different areas of the car. The Pit Coordination affects the time it takes for your pit staff to service your car when it pits. The options for signing a Technical Director are the same as those for signing a driver, the only difference is that it is not possible to renew the contract of a Technical Director. This is because they are not trainable so it would be unfair for one manager to tie up a TD for a long period of time.

Technical directors also have an age attribute but unlike drivers they do not lose any skills as they get older. At the start of every season technical directors with many races behind their back and technical directors older than 70 years will make a decision if they will retire at the end of the season. Their decision to retire at the end of the season will be shown on their profile.


The following limits for technical directors apply for the different classes:

  • Managers in Master groups cannot offer contracts to technical directors with overall higher than 120
  • Managers in Pro groups cannot offer contracts to technical directors with overall higher than 90
  • Managers in Amateur and Rookie groups cannot offer contracts to technical directors

If at the start of the season the overall of the technical director of a manager relegated to a Master or Pro group exceeds the limit for that class then he will lose his technical director. The same applies for managers relegated to Amateur groups regardless the overall of the technical director.

You will also lose your technical director before the next race if your negative balance exceeds -$15mil.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t renew my Technical Director’s contract, why?

It is not possible to renew a Technical Director’s contract in GPRO. This allows for a more competitive Technical Directors market.

My Technical Director has disappeared, and he had races left in his contract, why?

The rules state that a Technical Director will leave you if your current money is less that -$15,000,000 as you can’t afford to pay him and he won’t work for free. Or you have been relegated to a group that doesn’t allow Technical Directors.

I can’t offer a contract to a Technical Director, why?

The only reasons for this are:

  • You are not in the right group, Technical Directors are available to Elite, Master and Pro groups only.
  • You cannot afford a Technical Director.
If I go below -$15,000,000 will my Technical Director leave immediately or will he wait to see whether I will be over negative 15M after the race?

He will leave before the race.