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The basics about teams:

  • A team costs $5mil to create.
  • You cannot create a team if your money balance is negative.
  • You cannot create a team between seasons if your money balance is lower than $5.000.000 .
  • It costs $3mil to join a team. This money is paid to the GPROFIA (not to any members of the team), and is only taken upon being accepted into a team.
  • Teams can only be created by managers in the "Amateur" division or higher.
  • Each team has spots for 10 managers. These managers can be from any combination of leagues or divisions.
  • Anyone can join a team, but you have to be accepted by the team leader. It is usually best advised to send the leader a message selling yourself, and explaining why you think you should be accepted.

What are the advantages of being in a team? Can i go it alone or is it wise to team up?

Quite simply, the main advantage of joining a team is shared knowledge.

You can't transfer money, drivers, staff, or any other skills & abilities that would hand a material advantage. Instead, the purpose of teams are for you to put a group of minds together and try to work out the secrets and formulas of the game.

Many teams with a long history are likely to have amassed a substantial knowledge bank that would be invaluable to any manager - therefore if a space opens up in one of these teams, you should expect stiff competition to claim that position. To give yourself the best possible chance, ensure you send a detailed application explaining why you should be selected in front of any other applicants.

Being part of a team also gives the opportunity to receive an equal share of the "team earnings" as explained below.

Team Earnings

At the end of the season (after promotion/relegation is done) every team will receive $40.000 for every team point scored during the season. The total money will then be divided equally between the current members of the team.

As team members participate in races during the season their team points are added to the team total. Unlike the individual championship system, the team championship system awards points to all team members that finish races between position 1 and 30 inclusive. The formula for gained team points in a race for a team member is: TeamPoints = (31-RacePosition)/3 * GroupWeight, where GroupWeight is 1 for Elite group, 0.8 for Master groups, 0.6 for Pro groups, 0.4 for Amateur groups and 0.2 for Rookie groups. All this brings to team points gains as in the following table:

Pos Elite Master Pro Amateur Rookie
1 10 8 6 4 2
2 9.667 7.733 5.8 3.867 1.933
3 9.333 7.467 5.6 3.733 1.867
4 9 7.2 5.4 3.6 1.8
5 8.667 6.933 5.2 3.467 1.733
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
26 1.667 1.333 1 0.667 0.333
27 1.333 1.067 0.8 0.533 0.267
28 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2
29 0.667 0.533 0.4 0.267 0.133
30 0.333 0.267 0.2 0.133 0.067

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the money available for Teams shared at the end of the season or is that the amount each team member receives?

The total winnings will be shared equally among team members.

How do I kick out an inactive team member?

A team leader may kick out another member of the team only after they have missed 4 consecutive races. This can be achieved by navigating to the Team Profile page, and clicking the red cross that appears alongside their name.

If at any time during the season you miss 4 consecutive races then for every next race you miss you will be moved one spot down in your team. This applies both to team leaders and normal members of the team and does not depend on the group you are racing in. For example if you are at spot #4 in the team and you miss 6 races in a row you will be automatically moved to spot #6, as a result the manager who previously had spot #5 will now have spot #4 and the manager that was in spot #6 will now be in spot #5.

Is it possible to remove a team member by force?

In cases when the team leader decides that a team member does not fulfill the requirements of the team for some reason, he or she may start a team "vote out" against the team member. A vote out will cost the team leader $3.000.000 to initiate, and an additional $1.000.000 will be paid by each team member who participates in the vote out (including the team leader). When at least 8 team members have participated in the vote out it is considered successful and the team leader will be given the right to kick out the voted out manager from the team. A team vote out spans over two weeks time from the day it was initiated and only one team member can be voted out at any time.

Why can't I change my team's name?

Team names can be changed only before the first race of the season. This is also the case where any manager takes over a liquidated team.