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Why be a Supporter?

Well most importantly, being a supporter will NOT give you any race advantages. No extra money, not better drivers, or higher level car parts.

If you choose to be a supporter you will get some benefits, which might help you with your race planning, even if they don't help you with the race itself.

How much is it to be a Supporter?

1 Supporter Credit is equal to 1 Euro.

Each Race €0.5 will be deducted from your balance, and so it would be €8.5 for a whole season of GPRO.

VAT is not included in that price and will be added upon purchase (if your country collects VAT).

Note that in case you've retired from the game (and you are still active on the site) you will still keep your supporter status, but your balance will be deducted at a reduced rate of €0.05 per race.

Some of the Current Supporter Benefits include:

  • Classic car liveries
  • Live race commentary
  • Economy graph
  • Driver skills history graph
  • Technical directors skills history graph
  • Sponsor negotiation history graph
  • Race analysis graph
  • Race analysis excel sheet
  • Automatic saving of car setups, car wear and the complete race analysis from each race
  • Complete history of your car character points
  • Reverse car update feature
  • Private team forums (if your team has at least 6 supporters)
  • Custom team livery available exclusively to your team only (if your team has at least 6 supporters)
  • Alter ego picture(avatar)
  • Possibility to sort drivers by skills on the drivers market
  • Mailbox functionality even if you are retired from the game
  • Increased limit from 75 to 150 at the friends list
  • ...And other suggestions for Supporter Features are always being considered and added.

How to become a Supporter

You can buy supporter credits via PayPal, credit card or a few other payment options.

After each race that you compete in your supporter credits will be reduced by €0.5, so it will cost no more than €8.5 for a whole season of GPRO.

You can pay by going to this page and follow the instructions.

There is also the GPRO Shop where you can purchase caps, t-shirts & pens using your credits!

My supporter credits have become negative (<0), is this a bug?

In cases when your supporter credits are uneven and not a multiple of 0.5 it is possible for your credits balance to become negative when your credits run out. If you have for instance 0.3 supporter credits, we will allow you to have GPRO supporter status for one additional race, after which your balance will drop to -0.2 supporter credits. This is nothing to worry about and will be compensated by your next supporter credits purchase.