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The Basics

Sponsors will pay you a predetermined amount of money each race. It is up to you to negotiate a deal with sponsors. The way in which you negotiate and the type of sponsor you negotiate with will determine exactly how much money they are willing to pay you, so if they ask questions about your plans, think carefully before answering.

Main points:
  • It is quicker to negotiate with just a single sponsor at a time as this will progress faster.
  • If you decide to negotiate with multiple sponsors, you can alter the "Priority" of each negotiation (Very high, High, Normal, Low, Very low) to focus on one sponsor more than another if required.
  • You will be asked various questions by your sponsors during the course of a negotiation. You should make sure that you answer their questions before the next race, otherwise the negotiation won’t progress at all.
  • It is recommended to negotiate with sponsors that are not negotiating with any other managers. If another manager reaches 100% before you, they will close the deal, and negotiations with all other managers are cancelled.
  • Sponsors have 6 main attributes:
    • Finances: Represents the financial power of the sponsor.
    • Expectations: This attribute shows how good results the sponsor expects from the team they are negotiating with.
    • Patience: Represents the patience of the sponsor. The higher the patience the higher the chance that the sponsor is willing to make compromises about the contract details during the negotiation process.
    • Reputation: Represents the reputation of the sponsor. The higher the reputation the less is the chance the sponsor to throw a surprise at you.
    • Image: Represents the overall image of the company on the sponsor market.
    • Negotiation: This attribute shows how smooth the negotiations with the sponsor normally flow.
  • Sponsors will reflect how happy they are with how their contract is going with you on the Sponsor Satisfaction Bars
  • You have 5 car parts which you can apply sponsorship deals:
    • Engine Cover
    • Sidepods
    • Nose
    • Rear Wing
    • Front Wing

A sponsor pulling back from a negotiation or cancelling an active contract are both situations directly related to the way you negotiated the contract with the sponsor. After each race the sponsors will pay the money directly to you, but be sure to follow the sponsor satisfaction meter closely so you can react on time if things are not going as expected.

Explaining Estimated Average Progress:

Imagine 2 managers are negotiating with the same sponsor.

  • You are at 66.8%
  • The Average is 42%
  • Therefore, the 2nd manager must be at 17.2%

NOTE: That's assuming only 2 managers are negotiating. The 42% average of the example is a rounded figure. If you want more precise information, you'll need to consult the Sponsor Graph available next to the negotiation progress percentage.

Default Rookie Sponsors

When you join the game you are given a sponsor for 10 races worth 1 Million per race.

This is also the case in Rookie after a season reset. It is up to you to get additional sponsors in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am negotiating with 5 sponsors and it is taking forever, there is something wrong with sponsors!

Your commercial team are spending too much time with too many sponsors, try concentrating on 1 or 2 sponsors and see what happens.

Why have I lost my sponsor?

Maybe you lied to them when negotiating with them and/or did not deliver the expected results. Be careful when replying the questions you are asked during the negotiation.

My sponsor has asked me a question, how do I answer it?

That's up to you, but remember, if you lie to your sponsors may get unhappy and not fulfil the contract.