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Silly Games

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Silly Games Forum

As part of the GPRO forums there is a section entitled Silly Games and here you can play in a variety of forum games such as

  • Mafia
  • Diplomacy
  • TERG (The Elite Racing Game)
  • QRO (Quiz Racing Online)
  • Online Racing Games
  • Various Online Sports Tournaments (Pool, Darts, Backgammon etc)
  • and others as well

If you are going to start a forum game, try and come up with a new idea, rather than just a repeat of something that someone else has done. If you must use an old idea, please contact the person who came up with it originally (if possible) to make sure they are happy with you taking it on, and they may even have a few ideas & pointers to help you.

GPRO Games

There are also a few games that are included as part of the GPRO site.

  • Yeti Sports - If throwing Penguins & Seals is your idea of fun, these 3 games are the games for you
  • Kill Them All - Your basic tower defense style game
  • Spin The Circle - Rotate the maze and get the ball to the end.
  • Puzzle Farter - Fart your way to success through various levels of this platform game.
  • Red Button - Less of a game, and more of a thing to do to pass time.