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Race Setup & Strategy

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The Race Strategy Page

Car Setup

This will most probably be the setup you used in qualifying (or one of them if it started or stopped raining). Also if qualification was wet and the race is dry or vice versa you will need to amend your setup.

Fuel Strategy

In GPRO you will never run out of fuel.

You will pit as soon as either you do not have enough fuel to complete another lap or if your tyres will not complete another lap. This means that rather than input laps you want to pit on, you input the amount of fuel that you want put in the tank and that will determine how many laps you can do.

The amount of fuel is the amount for your tank to be topped up TO, rather than topped up BY. For example: if you pitted due to your tyres wearing out, had 15 litres remaining in your tank, and your strategy stated 60 litres - this means that 45 litres will be added to your tank at that stop.

You also don't have to give a value for each and every pitstop - as by entering a zero, then the previous fuel amount will be used. For example: if you wished to perform an even 2-stop strategy of 80 litres for each stint, you can simply put 80 for your starting fuel, and then zero for the remaining stints (as shown in the image to the right).

Tyre Strategy

Tyre Strategy is next.

You have two choices - dry tyres or rain ones. As mentioned in the previous section, just because the race may start wet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to start on rain tyres.

There is a VERY important second section to the tyre strategy section - the number of laps before you pit for a weather change. In real F1, when it starts raining there is usually a couple of laps before the track is wet enough for the Rain tyres and the same applies when it stops raining. NOT IN GPRO! when it starts raining in GPRO the whole track is immediately wet and you need your rain tyres, and when it stops raining the whole track is dry and you need your dry tyres again. This means that in most circumstances you will want the 'How many laps until driver stops' for starting or stopping raining to be ZERO.

One other thing to mention here is that when you stop to change tyres because of the weather your car will be refueled. This can cause you a problem and ruin you fuel strategy so it is something to be considered.

Driver Strategy

First decision to make are your driver's race risks. Rookies should remember that a value of 40 is considered very high, and should keep in mind that the higher the driver risks the more wear the car will sustain during the race - which are likely to lead to a smoking car, parts needing to be replaced, or even crashes.

Also within Driver Strategy there is the option to let a teammate past. No harm in this being set on if you have a teammate in your group.

If the car has a problem, it makes sense to get it fixed if possible. However, there are some circumstances where you might not want to fix the car (for example: if there are only a handful of laps left, and you would prefer to stay out and smoke opposed to come in for a timely pitstop). To control this, you can select how many laps of the race must remain for you to enter the pits.

You can also decide whether you wish to refuel when stopping for a technical problem.

Finally, you can give your driver starting instructions. These are similar in style to the ones for your qualification laps.


Once happy with your race strategy, ensure you click "Confirm Settings"! You should also confirm that a green tick appears on your main office page alongside the "Race Setup and Strategy" link.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make any changes to my setup but the race isn’t for another hour. Why is that?

The race setup page is locked 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of the live race so the game script can do some calculations for the race.

On the weather forecast what does the time 0h – 0h30m and so forth represent?

This time is based upon the race lap time. For example, with an average lap time of 1:30.000 the driver will cover 20 laps in that 30 minutes period.