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The Basics

An example practice page with driver comments
  • You get 8 practice laps in order to find your 'perfect' car setup. This isn’t as easy as it may sound, as depending on your driver skills, they may actually be happy with the car setup even if it isn't anywhere near 'perfect'.
  • There are 6 parts of the car that you can set up, Front & Rear Wings, Engine, Brakes, Gears & Suspension - and each can have a value from 1 to 999.
  • The 'Perfect' Setup will be different based on many factors, including the track, the driver,the car parts used and the weather (meaning an exact copy of a friend's setup or a previous track is not a good idea!).
  • After each lap your driver will provide feedback on the current setup. Use these driver comments to hone his 'perfect' setup. E.g:
    • Wings: The car is very unstable in many corners (Higher wings required)
    • Engine: I feel that I do not have enough engine power in the straights (Higher engine required)
    • Etc, etc...
  • You can select any tyre compound for each practice lap, enabling you to see the time differences between each option. REMEMBER to select RAIN tyres if the forecast shows wet weather.
  • Use the little help icons [?] that will help you decipher which way the driver wants certain parts to be changed.
  • If a "GPRO Supporter", then any of your previous setups from this track will be saved (from the time you were a Supporter only), and available to select if you so wished.

Once practice is complete, move onto Qualify 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The practice screen allows you 8 laps to find a setup for your driver/car combinations for the current track. Enter some settings, say 500 in each box and see how your driver responds and adjust your settings according to what the driver says.

What do the settings mean when practicing?

On the practice screen you can hover your mouse over the blue “?” to get information on the settings for that specific part, in summary however:

  • Wings - a higher value gives a higher downforce level on the car.
  • Engine - a higher value favours top speed over acceleration.
  • Brakes - a higher value moves braking toward the front.
  • Gear - a higher gear value increases top speed but reduces acceleration.
  • Suspension - a higher value increases the stiffness of the suspension.
My driver is happy with the setup but I am still very slow.

There are many reasons why you are slow, the car, driver, even the weather affect setup, and the even if the driver is happy with the setup it may not necessarily be the quickest possible setup. Try fine tuning your setup to see if you can make it quicker.

What tyres can I use in practice?

You can use whatever tyres you like in practice.

My practice times are much slower than the times that people are setting in qualifying, what should I do?

Many parameters affect your pace, it could be car levels, your driver not being as fast or something else; like your opponents were lucky with high risks in qualifying.