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Points System & Group Standings

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Points System

The old Formula 1 point scoring system (used from years 2003-2009) is used where managers in positions 1-8 get 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 points respectively.

Group Standings

  • The groups standings are sorted primarily on number of points scored.
  • Where there is a tie for points the decider is the best single race finish.
  • If this is still a tie, it proceeds through each race finish until the tie is broken.


  • Managers A & B both have 5 points.
  • Manager A finished in 6th place once & 7th place once.
  • Manager B finished in 6th place once & 8th place twice.
  • Manager A would be above Manager B in the standings as they both had one 6th place, but Manager A's 7th place beats Manager B's 8th place.

    • In the unlikely event that the managers have an identical set of race results, then the positions will be ordered by who is ahead in the 1 Big Race results.
    • In the the extremely unlikely event that 2 managers have the same results AND 1 Big Race time, then the positions will be ordered by Cash Balance (i.e. The manager with the higher cash balance will finish ahead).
    • In the almost impossible event of all of the above being exactly the same for two (or more managers), the previous seasons Race Wins & Pole Positions will come into effect to decide the order.