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The Change Livery page

There is a wide variety of different car liveries for you to choose for your car. These are simply to help distinguish yourself during the race from the other managers in your league.

Please note that different liveries offer no speed advantage over each other, and are purely for presentation.

Simply click the livery you wish to race with and it will be automatically selected. Hovering over each livery will also give you information on which car and year the livery is based on (if you are unable to immediately recognise it!).

If you are a supporter then you also gain access to a further tab of classic liveries to choose from.

Think some liveries are missing?

New liveries are added as an on-going basis, so if you think any are missing, please don't hesitate to contact the graphics team, or post a request in this thread

New Formula 1 liveries for each season are usually added a few days before the start of the F1 season (usually in March).

Only liveries from the history of Formula 1 will be added as public or supporter liveries - therefore if you would prefer a fantasy or national livery, then we would suggest creating one and using this as your team or personal livery.

Pit Crew

After choosing your livery, you can click the "Pit Crew Color" tab to then select a matching (or contrasting, depending on your own style) color for your crew to wear during pitstops.

As with car liveries, please note that different pit crew colors offer no speed advantage over each other, and are purely for presentation.

Team Liveries

If your team has 6 supporters, then this allows all team members to wear your own and unique team livery for the race.

How to get your own team livery
  1. Make sure that your team has at least 6 GPRO supporters
  2. Download one of the templates below and create a 'flat' design.
  3. Submit your design to (send the flat 300% GIF-file or the complete PSP-file. DO NOT send a merged design). Make sure you also include the ID of your team in the subject of your e-mail message.
  4. Our graphics experts will supply the shading and downsize the image to the normal 100% car.
  5. A final check with the team for approval of the livery.
  6. Conversion and uploading of the complete carset for GPRO (Done by our graphics experts)

2008 Style: PSP Format | PSD Format | Flat GIF Image

2009 Style: PSP Format | PSD Format | Flat GIF Image

2012 Style: PSP Format | PSD Format

2015 Style: PSP Format | PSD Format

2018 Style: PSP Format | PSD Format


Photoshop tutorial for livery creation

PaintShopPro tutorial for livery creation

Personal Liveries

Examples of personal liveries

If you would like your very own personalized livery which only you can wear - this can be achieved in a few ways:

  1. Rent a temporary personal livery from the Livery market
  2. Buy a permanent personal livery from the Livery market
  3. Request a personal livery to be designed for you according to your wishes (see below)
How to get a personal livery designed for me
  1. Ensure you have a minimum of 50 supporter credits in your account.
  2. Contact the GPRO graphics team at They will then work with you to create the exact livery of your desires.
  3. Please Note: Personal liveries are not restricted to using one of the templates, and you can request an open-wheel car design and shape of your choosing (see examples on the right).