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Liquidated Teams

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General Information
  • Taking over a liquidated team costs $5.000.000 if you have been a member of the team in the past, otherwise it will cost you $7.500.000.
  • Information inside the internal team forum (if the team has one) is not part of the take over process and will be deleted completely prior to the take over.
  • The rest of the team's possessions will however stay with the team under the new leadership, including team logo, team information, team statistics, scored season points/money.
  • You can only take over a team if you are not currently at one.
  • Only managers in Amateur and above who are not in negative balance can take over teams.

How to take over a liquidated team

All liquidated teams can be found by viewing the team standings, and then selecting "Show only liquidated teams" in the team filter dropdown. Click on a team which interests you, and in the bottom left you will see a button which will allow you to become the new owner of the team.

PLEASE NOTE: When taking over any team, team names can only be changed before the start of Race 1.