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One of the first things you will need to learn how to estimate is your fuel consumption.

It is better to get into the habit of trying to work out how many litres of fuel you are using per km (or alternatively how many km you travel per litre) opposed to "per lap", as this means you can then compare this data from track to track.

For example:

From your Race Analysis page you might use the following information to work out your fuel consumption:

  • Race distance: 300km
  • Fuel used: 204.2litres

Therefore, with these 2 simple numbers you can work out that you used 0.69 litres per km (204.2litres ÷ 300km), or alternatively travelled 1.47km per litre (300km ÷ 204.2litres).

Perform these simple calculations for every race, and you should soon begin to see a pattern form that will help you estimate your fuel usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's my very first race - how much fuel do I need?

Unfortunately with no data at your disposal, then your first race will unfortunately be a step into the great unknown!!! However, one small snippet of information is that it is unlikely that any race (with total distance of 300km) should exceed 280L of fuel.

Good luck!

What affects fuel consumption?

Your fuel consumption is affected by:

  • The track Fuel Consumption level
  • Your car
  • Your driver
  • Maybe other things?