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Any user, who is registered and approved by admin, is entitled to use the forums. The official language of the forums is English; other languages may be spoken in the national forums only.

Forum Rules

The updated forum rules can be consulted within the General rules under the Community Section

Overall, there are only really a few rules you need to remember:

  1. Is my post, helpful or relevant to the topic of the thread?
    If it isnt, then don't post it, as a wise man once said 'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'

  2. Will my post cause me to receive a PM from the Mods because it breaks one of the forum rules?
    If you think it will, then don't post, if you are not sure, then either don't post, or send a PM first (to either a Mod or an Admin - depending on the question).

  3. Before you create a new thread do a search, then search again, and then search one more time to be certain. Don't just look for your topic title, but for the keys words, like "Driver", or "Wear". The odds are that your question or suggestion has come up before and been answered already.

Did You Know?!

Every group in the game has its own group forum. The link to this can be found on your main office page, just under the link to your mailbox. Here you can chat to the other managers in your group about race results, qualifying and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "FOBY" mean?

FOBY is an acronym for "Find Out By Yourself".

You might at first think this is offensive (and GPRO crew members will frown on people who use it exclusively with no explanation), but basically GPRO is a game that requires a lot of your own data analysis. You will find answers to certain questions within the Rules, FAQs, Newbie Guide, and here - but anything else (e.g. Fuel consumption, Tyre wear, Which driver stats are most important, etc) will need to be investigated by analysing your own data to draw your own conclusions.

How do I search the Forums?

Access the forums using the button labelled "Forum" at the top of the page, then select the Search link ( Here you will see options to perform a search of the forum, you can search by Author, or by specified word(s). NOTE: the default option is to search Topic Titles only, you can search the whole forum by selecting the Entire posts option.

Why do moderators close my discussions?

Your discussion was probably closed because a very similar thread already exists (which isn't closed), therefore you should try to keep the discussion all in one thread instead of regurgitating the same discussion over and over.

If we don't close threads and point to a "master" thread - then we will soon have 50 threads all about the exact same topics. The forums become cluttered and messy VERY quickly - meaning it then becomes almost impossible to find the decent threads about certain subjects (instead of reading one thread - you have to read 50). Therefore if a similar thread already exists, we would prefer you to "bump" the older thread with your new input.

I would like to use Italics, Bold and Underlined in the forums, is it possible?

For a full guide on the available tags and much more, consult the Forum Edition Resources Guide

Can I quote another post in the forum?

Yes, simply select the text with the mouse that you wish to quote and hit Quote next to the post you are quoting from. The quoted text will appear in the Reply to this topic text box at the bottom of the thread, you will notice it is enclosed in a quote tag ([quote] text [/quote])

What are the Eyeballs at the bottom of the page in a forum thread?

If you click the Eyeballs the topic you are currently reading will be added to your watchlist (, the topic will then appear in the forum window on the main page.

How do I change my watchlist?

Go to where you can edit your personal forum topics watchlist. This link can be accessed by going to the main forum page.

What is the red symbol at the bottom of the page in a forum thread?

If you click the symbol you are choosing to ignore the current thread, it will not show in your main office page forum window.

People are using abbreviations that I don't understand. What do they mean?

Here's a list of commonly used abbreviations:

  • CCP - Car Character Points
  • CT - Clear Track Risk
  • DF - Defending Risk
  • DNF - Did not finish
  • DNS - Did not start
  • DM - Driver mistake
  • FL - Fastest Lap
  • FOBY - Find Out By Yourself
  • FT - Favourite Track
  • MF - Malfunctioning Risk
  • OA - Overall (of Driver or Technical Director)
  • OBP - One Big Push (a strategy where a manager only pushes hard in one race of the season)
  • OBR - One Big Race
  • OP - Opening post (the first post of a thread) or opening/original poster (the person who opened the thread)
  • OT - Overtaking Risk
  • PHA - Power, Handling and Acceleration
  • S&F - Staff and Facilities
  • SG - Starting Grid
  • TCD - Tyre Compound Difference
  • TI - Technical Insight
  • TD - Technical Director
  • WS - Wing Split
  • XP - Experience