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Cup Competition

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Group Cup competition is a tournament introduced from season 16 that allows managers to compete in head to head battles with other managers of his group, based on the results in races of the regular season.


The Cup competition follows a knock out format consisting of 5 rounds.

  • The first round consists of the top 32 managers in the season standings after the second race of the season
  • Every stage of cup consists of 3 races: 1st round takes place in races 3 to 5, second round in races 6 to 8, quarter finals in races 9 to 11, semi finals in races 12 to 14 and the cup final in races 15 to 17.
  • If a player finishes higher than his/her rival in 2 out of the 3 races, he/she will go through to the next round in the cup
  • If two rivals have 1 win each and both miss one race the winner will be the one who has higher season standings position.
  • If both managers miss 3 races then nobody will go further in the cup competition. Their potential opponent will receive a bye for the next stage.

Seedings and Draw

The players in the top 8 places in season standings table after race 2 are seeded 1 through to 8 according to their positions and are allocated a quarter of the draw to themselves such that:

  • Seed 1 and 2 cannot meet each other until finals
  • Seeds 1 and 4 and Seeds 2 and 3 cannot meet each other until semi finals
  • Seeds 1 and 8, Seeds 2 and 7, Seeds 3 and 6 and Seeds 4 and 5 cannot meet each other until quarter finals

All other draws are made randomly

Prize money

For each cup stage win a small financial bonus is awarded. The amount of the bonus depends on the class the manager is racing in:

Division Prize Money
Elite $1,000,000 per stage
Master $900.000 per stage
Pro $800.000 per stage
Amateur $700.000 per stage
Rookie $600.000 per stage

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cup competition have separate races?

No, the cup competition takes place during races held during the regular GPRO season

Will the result of cup competition affect promotion/relegation?

No, promotion and relegations are decided completely by the season standings at the end of the season.

Does being in negative money have any effects on cup competition?

No, being in negative does not have any effect on results of cup competition