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Tyre Suppliers

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Each season you can sign a tyre contract with one of nine different tyre suppliers: Pipirelli, Avonn, Yokomama, Dunnolop, Contimental, Badyear, Hancock, Michelini and Bridgerock. Managers in Rookie and Amateur groups may only use Pipirelli tyres (the cheapest supplier) and the contract will be automatically signed for them at the start of the season. Once a contract is signed, it cannot be cancelled or changed until the end of the ongoing season. Each of the tyre suppliers will provide you with four different dry weather tyre compounds for each race (Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard), and one wet weather tyre compound.

The Basics

The Tyre Suppliers
  • Managers in Amateur and Rookie groups can only sign a contract with Pipirelli
  • Contracts are signed until the end of the ongoing season
  • You cannot cancel a contract until it runs out at the end of the season
  • The attributes and price of each supplier may slightly vary from season to season

The introduction of this feature is mainly targeted at Elite, Master and Pro. Its purposes are:

  • To give those groups something extra to think about.
  • To make races in those groups a bit more unpredictable and diverse.
  • To fix the excess of money in Elite.

Tyre Attributes

Each tyre supplier has 5 different attributes:

  • Dry performance - This represents the maximum speed of the tyres in dry conditions.
  • Wet performance - This represents the maximum speed of the tyres in wet conditions.
  • Peak temperature - This represents the temperature at which the tyre will perform as close to optimum performance.
  • Durability - This represents the lifespan of the tyres. Less bars means the tyres will wear out at shorter distances. More bars the tyres can travel further distances.
  • Warmup distance - This represents the distance the tyres need to travel before they reach full operating speed. Less bars means the tyres warm up very quickly. More bars means the tyres take longer warm up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pipirelli the tyres we used in previous seasons?

No, none of the current suppliers match fully the previous tyres.

Is old tyre data completely useless now?

No, it will still be useful but only as a general guideline on tyre strategy.

Will the earnings from races increase or will we be able to earn some more money from elsewhere?

No, your earnings increased with the introduction of the cup competition in Season 16. As tyre suppliers affect financially mainly Elite, Master and Pro where an excess of money has been noticed in the previous seasons, Rookie and Amateur managers should be less affected.