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Rookie Reset

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What gets reset at the end of season in Rookie?

In Rookie, at the end of each season some of your attributes will be reset. This happens after the promotion/relegation script:

  • Car Levels - all reset to level 1
  • Facilities - all reset to level 0
  • Driver - if your driver is above the Overall for Rookie (85) you will lose your driver
  • Money - will be reset to $30.000.000
  • Sponsor - a default sponsor is given, other sponsors are removed and all ongoing negotiations are reset
  • Testing Points - all car character points are reset
  • Staff - reset

What doesnt get reset at the end of season in Rookie?

The Rookie reset has no effect on the following:

  • Driver - if below the Overall for Rookie (85) then he won't be reset
  • Team - if you are already in a team your team membership will continue
  • Personal stats - all your stats will remain

So, team money & points money from the previous season will not carry forward with you.

If you competed in all 17 races from the previous season you will still get the $5Mill bonus. Most managers will start a rookie season (before Race 1) with either $30Mill or $35Mill.

Frequently Asked Questions

A manager in my league has started with $31/32/33 million! How come?

This is explained by them completing the "Certification Test" prior to the start of the season. Depending on whether the successfully complete this test in their first 3 attempts, they will be awarded a prize of between $1-3 million.