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Rookie Reset

From Grand Prix Racing Online

What gets reset at the end of season in Rookie?

In Rookie, at the end of each season some of your attributes will be reset. This happens after the promotion/relegation script:

  • Car Levels - all reset to level 1
  • Facilities - all reset to level 0
  • Driver - if your driver is above the Overall for Rookie (85) you will lose your driver
  • Money - will be reset to $30.000.000
  • Sponsor - a default sponsor is given, other sponsors are removed and all ongoing negotiations are reset
  • Testing Points - all car character points are reset
  • Staff - reset

What doesnt get reset at the end of season in Rookie?

The Rookie reset has no effect on the following:

  • Driver - if below the Overall for Rookie (85) then he won't be reset
  • Team - if you are already in a team your team membership will continue
  • Personal stats - all your stats will remain

So, team money & points money from the previous season will not carry forward with you.

If you competed in all 17 races from the previous season you will still get the $5Mill bonus. Most managers will start a rookie season (before Race 1) with either $30Mill or $35Mill.

Frequently Asked Questions

A manager in my league has started with $31/32/33 million! How come?

This is explained by them completing the "Certification Test" prior to the start of the season. Depending on whether the successfully complete this test in their first 3 attempts, they will be awarded a prize of between $1-3 million.