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Relegation & Debt

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If you are in debt at the end of the season you will be relegated. If you are not resetting to Rookie or being relegated to Rookie you will need to get out of debt in order to continue.

As part of the season reset your facilities will be sold and if that fails to get you out of debt your car parts will be sold. All facilities & parts are sold at 50% of their purchase value.

Both facilities & parts are sold according to their level.

First, facilities are sold if they are above the maximum level for your new level.

Then if still in debt, facilities are sold level by level until you are out of debt.

If still in debt when all facilities are sold the car parts are sold off.

Again, starting with the highest level parts, selling one level at a time until you are out of debt. Car parts will only be sold until you are down to level 1 parts.

If, after all facilities have been sold, and your car is down to fully level 1, you are still in debt, then the GPROFIA will step in with an emergency loan to clear your debt for you. this will leave you with a 0 balance and no facilites and level 1 car parts, so is not the best plan to try and use.