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From Grand Prix Racing Online

Did you know that in GPRO you .....

  • have a button at the bottom of every single page that will take you back to the main office page.
    • Have you ever wondered what that small blue circle at the bottom corner of every page in GPRO does. Well a click there will take you back to the main office page in just one click, and without having to scroll to the top of the page to hit the 'Home' button.
  • can hide the Announcements and have twice as many forum threads on your home page.
    • Where you have your latest forum threads on the main office page, there is a small up arrow (or triangle) and clicking on that will hide the current announcement and give you twice as many latest threads to look at.
    • Don't worry, if a new announcement comes along it will automatically be shown, and once you have read it, you can hide the announcement all over again.
  • have a ready made forum thread to talk to all of your group opponents.
    • Right in the middle of your office page, just below your mailbox is a link to your group thread. Here you can banter with your opponents offer good luck, congratulations or commiserations, or just wish them ill in the next race.
  • can search for people by their Names.
    • The first way is to go into your friends list and type their name into the add manager box. This will bring up a list of managers to select from.
    • The second way is through your mail box. Create a new mail message and click on 'select a manager' and type in the name. You get a drop down list of all the people matching the name you searched for.