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Car Wear

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The Basics

An example of car wear from a race
  • Your car receives part wear by performing testing, and participating in races.
  • Being able to estimate your car wear is critical to avoid your car developing a technical problem and start smoking during races.
  • Car Part wear can be affected by:
    • Different tracks.
    • The car part level.
    • Your selected race risks (Overtaking, Defensive, Clear Track, Malfunctioning).
    • Possibly other factors?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I never finish a race / Why is my car always smoking? / Why is my part wear so high?

This is one of the most common questions asked by new GPRO players - and in 99% of these situations, the answer is LOWER YOUR RACE RISKS!

The Game rules state that risks of just 40 should be considered VERY HIGH for rookies - therefore it is recommended that you race with zero risks whenever possible, as this will lengthen the life of your car parts, meaning you will spend less money.

The majority of car parts should be able to last 3 races minimum.

Why can’t I update my car?

You can't update your car due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have already updated your car which can only be done once before each race. See Update Car for more information.
  • If you are in debt you are not allowed to update your car, you can still downgrade parts. See The disadvantages of being in debt for more information.
  • You have missed the deadline for the next race, which is 1.5 hours before the advertised race start.
All my parts are worn, I am in debt and can’t update, what do I do?

DON’T PANIC! You need to slow down and learn to control the wear of your car parts, try looking at driver risks. Try to finish races so you can make more money to update the car. You can still downgrade parts however. Think very carefully about what you spend your money on. *Hint - In rookie even risks of 40 are considered very high.

Is it ok to update the car after Practice/Qualify?

Yes the upgrade will still work, but you should consider that if you change parts after practice / qualify you are likely to affect the setup you have for the race.

How much does a part cost for each level?

This you will have to find out for yourself, parts which have more effect on the car performance cost more. So a level 2 engine will cost more than a level 2 front wing.